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Corey Poirier, Founder: The Speaking Progam, Author: The Book of Public Speaking, Host: For The Love of Speaking Podcast


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"I want to share how happy I am to be taking Corey's tedx program...I followed his simple advice in lesson 1: Here's the exciting part... I went to a meeting and came home to a beautiful surprise....  

After following his advice, I have been invited to be on a TEDx stage in June, 2019.  

I am so incredibly excited. Thank you Corey...this is going to be a complete game changer in my life!!! Namaste!!" 

Kelly Woodhouse Falardeau, Motivational/Inspirational Speaker/Bestselling Author

What You Can Expect from The TEDx Program!

Although we can't guarantee that you'll be selected for a TEDx Talk since that is ultimately up to each TEDx group, over the next 8 weeks, we will hold your feet to the fire as you achieve the greatness you've always had inside you. We'll teach you HOW to deliver a TEDx level talk AND also the typical process to securing one. This isn't based on theory as Corey is a multiple-time TEDx Speaker and is currently in the process of discussing two more upcoming TEDx talks with TEDx groups at this time. Here's how the TEDx program works. Similar to our popular Speaking Program, we will take you through a step-by-step program that shows you how to get the results you want, how to be positioned as the industry expert, how to deliver world class TEDx level talks that have a big impact and even how to secure and deliver your TEDx Talk. By the time you're done, our aim will be to have you vying for the dominant position in your market, impacting more lives with your TEDx level message, and crushing goals daily. 

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Module 1: Getting Ready 

The process of securing and delivering a TEDx level talk, and even a TEDx Talk, doesn't have to be so confusing, but it does require some planning and an understanding of what works and what doesn’t. In this module, you'll get access to knowledge surrounding the entire process of becoming and being a TEDx Speaker, and what you should have in place if you want to be booked for your first TEDx Talk.  

This isn't a bunch of theory . . . it's high impact, it's fast paced, exercise and homework based, and it's all about getting solid results. 

By the time you're done with this module, you'll know: 1.The specific, actionable blueprint you need to be seen as TEDx ready, so you get the results you want. 2. How to set specific TEDx related goals (that we'll reverse-engineer and make a reality). 3. The exact process you will use to reach out to and connect with TEDx organizers. 4. The best approaches for crafting winning pitch in minutes, and winning talks hours. 5. How to decide on your specific topic, whether to niche or generalize. 6. How to craft your signature TEDx story, the most importance elements of story, how to engage your audience.  


RESULT: Return on Investment

“True story, I have already had a series of interviews with the local news station, and they have already asked me to come back again. This was a direct result of me practicing something Corey suggested during the training.” ~Emily Harrison, The Akashic Academy 

See Emily's Testimonial Video Below...

Module 2: Securing Your TEDx Level Talk

In module two, we’re going to work with you to help you secure your TEDx Talk and or similar talk.  

By the time you're done with this module, you'll know how to: 

1.Get media requests that help position you for securing your TEDx Talk around your TEDx signature story. 2. The exact process for reaching out to TEDx organizers and increaing your changes of securing your TEDx Talk. 3. Use the Spider Method to decide which TEDx event is right for you. 4. Create compelling video, and pitch for your TEDx Talk so you can increase your chances of securing your TEDx Talk. 5. The quick and easy process for securing TEDx (and similar talks). TEDx events now have rivals that also offer great opportunities to impact with your story - we will reveal other events (Mad Talks, PMX Talks, MoMonday's Talks) and offer strategy for preparing for and securing talks at these and similar events.  

~ And Much More. 


RESULT: Return on Investment

“I have paid money for things (in the past) and got less than nothing in return - just a waste of my time, but I have just gotten some much from you in just the first couple of weeks of this program, OMG!" ~ Kendra Kincade, Air traffic controller at Nav Canada

See Kendra's Testimonial Video Below...

Module 3: Delivering Your TEDx Level Talk

In module three, we’re going to work with you to help you deliver your TEDx Talk and or similar talk.  

By the time you're done with this module, you'll know how to: 

1.Use the spider Method to deliver your TEDx level talk. 2.The storytelling process that allows you to deliver a TEDx level talk every time. 3.The four steps involved in delivering your TEDx level talk. 4. Study world class TEDx Talks to learn what works best. 5. Discover the most important resource for crafting and delivering a TEDx level talk. 6.Crush it once you finally appear on the TEDx stage / the common mistake many speakers make. ~In short, you’ll learn how to deliver a TEDx level talk every time you speak.  

RESULT: Return on Investment

“I'm just weeks in and I'd go so far as to say the course has paid for itself already.” ~Carmen Reed-Gilkison, Health and Wellness Coach at Kurbo Health

BONUS: Expert Interviews

In this module, you’ll gain access to upwards of 10 hours of TEDx expert interviews. We’ll show you how the world’s top achievers secured their TEDx Talks, what the TEDx stage did for them and their signature story and how you can enjoy similar results. You’ll learn from the following experts and many more, Main Stage TED Speaker Richard St. John (over 10 million views), United Break’s Guitars Sensation and multiple time TEDx Speaker Dave Carroll, multiple time TEDx Speaker Mark Black, and many more. (and of course, access to multiple time TEDx speaker, and program creator, Corey Poirier)  

By the time you're done, you'll know:  

1.The common traits of TEDx / TED Speakers. 2.Specific strategy different TEDxsters used to secure their talk. 3.What securing and delivering their TEDx Talk did for them. 4.How Zig Ziglar was able to impact millions from the stage and be cited as the best speaker in conferences with some of the world’s most renowned leaders so you can incorporate that into your career. 5.How to engage audiences on TEDx stages, and any stage.  

~ And Much More.  

RESULT: Blown away by first week in the program  

“My first thought when I saw the first TEDx Program email was, Holy Value! ” Leasha West, Program Attendee~ 

“I've been in coaching for many years and learned things I didn't realize were that important. I really got such tremendous value out of the program, especially at the cost. It was worth its weight in gold, it's a fantastic program. "~ Lori Karpman, Lori Karpman & Company

See Lori's Video below...


"Speaking from stage is the best way to way to connect with your audience and set the world on FIRE. You owe it to yourself to learn from the best, and Corey Poirier brings the HEAT!"John Lee Dumas, EOFire

“I love listening to Interviews like the ones on your show.” Chalene Johnson, Turbo Jam

“Thank you so much, you’re awesome!” T. Harv Eker, Author of The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

"Corey, You're a Delight" Michael E. Gerber, The E-Myth

“I want to thank you for all you do and creating segments like this in a forum like this....” Tony Horton, P90X

“You’ve asked great questions, it’s been very stimulating...I’ve had many interviews that weren’t as stimulating.” Dan Sullivan, Strategic Coach (has coached the likes of Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen)

Plus: Webinars, Q&A's, and more with Me, (Corey Poirier) and Influential Leaders from my network

  • Along with the 2 modules, you'll get long-term access to all elements of The TEDx Program.  
  • You'll also get a Certicate at the completion of the formal Program and receive support during your TEDx Journey

NOTE: The Video below reveals why and how The TEDx program can be the game changer you have been waiting for.

NOTE: Due to the limited availability for spots in this program and our limited time open for registration, we encourage researching of the program as much as possible before signing up, as we don't offer refunds on this particular program.